Akshardham Ahmedabad

This temple in Gujrat corresponds to be the largest one in entire state. It lies close to Ahemdabad almost about 30 km from Gandhinagar. This wonderful temple in Ahemdabad came in to existance in 1992 and is made giving the homage to the Lord Swaminarayan. This place is among the best tourist spot of nation as people round the globe visit here on yearly basis. Akshardham temple in Ahemdabad is the perfect example of absolute artisanship. This place is modal of wonderful architecture. People come here to reeceive all the advantages like education, art, research, exhibitions and architecture.

The main centre of attraction at Akshardham mandir in Ahemdabad is the seven feet large idol of the founder of this theme Lord Swaminarayan. It has many pink stones in the architecture making it one of the modern edices in the nation. The dimensions of Akshardham have length of 240 feet, width of 131 feet and height of 108 feet. Shahajand van is the name of garden present in the complex or centre of temple. This park present in Akshardham is centre of fun for kids and it serves as purpose of beauty for grown people.

Latest addition to temple is the water show that encompasses beautiful musical fountain in Akshardham temple in Ahemdabad. This temple aims towards self-realization and peace so people visit this place often. There are several attractions and monuments in closeby area of temple so that people can come here for complete tourism. Akshardham mandir in Ahemdabad is the enchanting structure that reflects amalgamation of art and architecture. Magnetic charm of this place makes it as manmade heaven. This place provides complete eternal solace to all the people from all corners of world. Known for historical importance Akshardham is the place of several devotees of Lord Swaminarayan. This temple proves as the best experience that is one of the lifetimes for people visiting here for first time. Security measures at this place are very tight considering the large circumference of temple. Indian architecture and heritage is best known from outlook of Akshardham. The temple comprises of authentic atmosphere with modern facilities that can account for all sorts of rituals and prayers.

Apart from temple Akshardham is the place for complete entertainment with parks, ponds, lawns and waterfalls. This place is actually a great learning environment for kids and growing children as they come to know about the historical heritage of India.