Akshardham Attack

About a decade back, on 25th September 2002, there was an attack on Akshardham Temple. There are news that two attackers who were heavily armed reached the Akshardham Monument situated in  the capital of Gujarat state, Gandhinagar at 1630 hrs as per the local time. They opened fire after scaling the perimeter fences and killed a woman along with a volunteer of the temple on the spot. There were approximately 600 devotees present in the temple at that time.As the attack ended,  it left up 29 devotees killed and 79 people injured. Besides a state police officer and one commando, 25 people also lost their lives in the first assault.There was one more commando who was seriously wounded and died after 2 years of coma, named as Surjan Singh Bhandari.

Volunteers of the temple wisely saved the lives of 50 people who were trapped in the building but could not be approached by the attackers. Commonly known as ‘black cats’, the commandos of National Security Guard interfered through an operation known as vajra shakti for the purpose of ending the siege. After checking the identities, the 50 personnel were released and rescued. The leader of BAPS, Pramukh Swami Maharaj asked for mercy to be given to Muslim Terrorists.

Confession of David Headley

David Headley, the associate of Lashkar-e-Taiba when arrested in the year 2010 confessed that Muzammil, Let terrorist was responsible for planning and conducting the attack on Akshardham Temple besides Chittisinghpura  massacre that mishappened with the Sikhs of Kashmir. David Headley was arrested for his connections in Mumbai attacks that took place in the year 2008.