Akshardham Exhibitions

Hall of Values

There are Akshardham Exhibitions when the hall of values, also called as Sahajanand Pradarshan exhibits  robotics full of life and dioramas that cite evidences for incidents that took place in life of Swaminarayan. They are like an epitome delivering his messages about the value of Peace, humility, harmony, devotion to God and service to others. During 18th century, the Sahajanand Pradarshan in India was set to display 15 dioramas with the help of robotics, light, fiber optics, sound effects, music and dialogues. Akshardham exhibitions in the hall, displays the smallest animated robot of the world featuring the child of Swaminarayan, Ghanshyam Maharaj.


The theatre of Akshardham Temple is called as Neelkanth Kalyan Yatra. It is a theatre that is the home to premier and the only big format screen of Delhi having a measurement of 85-foot (26 m) length and 65-foot (20 m) width. During Akshardham Exhibitions, the theatre displays a film basically commissioned for Neelkanth Yatra complex in order to count again a seven-year pilgrimage made during the teenage of Swaminarayan all over India.There is also an international version of this film called as Mystic India, which was released at IMAX theatres in the year 2005 worldwide.There is a murti made up of bronze of Neelkanth Varni measuring 27-foot (8.2 m) located outside this theatre.

Musical fountain

The largest step well of India, called as the Yagnapurush Kund, comprise of huge series of steps going down following traditions of yagna kund. These steps serve as a platform for rest for its visitors during the daytimes and it becomes a musical fountain featuring the lives’ circles at night. The fountain derived its name from the name of Shastriji Maharaj, the founder of a Hindu organization. The fountain measuring 300 feet by 300 feet consists of 108 shrines and  2,870 steps.There is an eight-petaled lotus in the centre that is design of yagna kund as per Jayaakhya Samhita  belonging to Panchratra shastra.

Boat ride

During Akshardham Exhibitions one can avail a boat ride called as Sanskruti Vihar, that takes its visitors for a journey that dates back to 10,000 years in terms of Indian history in just 12 minutes. There is a peacock shaped boat that takes visitors around an artificial river, that passes through a Takshashila model , the world's premier university, ancient hospitals, chemistry laboratories, bazaars etc.

Garden of India

Bharat Upvan another name for the Garden of India has beautiful lawns, shrubs and trees. It is lined with sculptures of bronze. These sculptures comprise of figures of women, children, freedom fighters and national figures like that of Mahatma Gandhi.