Akshardham Temple Architecture

Swaminarayan Akshardham is recognised as an enormously vast temple complex of India. Interestingly, according to the architectural science of India (Sthaapatya Shastra), metals like iron, copper or steel has not been used in its construction but only stone. As long as 22 feet single piece stones have been used as beams to support this mammoth temple building. The stone is intensely carved as though there was some poetry written on the pillars. The temple stands at the glorious height of 10 stories, where every part of stone has imprints making the cornice, the topmost projecting part, distinguishably phenomenal.

This gigantic structure possesses 234 intricately carved pillars, 9 emphatic domes, splendid Gajendra Pith and 20 quadrangle spires; to portray and remember divine celebrities it also has 20,000 spectacular idols and statues of the great Indian sadhus, devotees and acharyas of ancient times. The house of the image of Lord Swaminarayan is the tallest spire of this wonderful temple, exalted to an incredibly dizzying height of 141 feet.

To construct such an architectural marvel it took 2 million and 6000 tons of pink sand, brought from Rajasthan, It is believed that it is strong enough to stand the test of time and weather and would certainly last a thousand years. Every bit of this massive structure is a result of 12 million man hours and 11,000 skilled artisans from various parts of India. The magnificent design, style and construction of this temple is an example of the ubiquitous architectural styles of India.