Akshardham Water Show

Akshardham temple is famous for its authentic and unique beauty as it canvasses the entire structure in planned and religious format. People from all places of India and round the world visit the place to enjoy the rich heritage and beauty of this amazing place.

One of the fantastic sites of this place that attracts tourists from all the places is Akshardham musical fountain. This prominent and beautiful water show is thrilling and exciting to watch. This popular water show Akshardham accounts by the name Sat-Chit-Anand Water Show. This new addition to the Akshardham temple of Gandhinagar has made the place look enchanting. This particular fountain is connected to Hindu mythological story as it reveals the journey of a 9-year-old boy who handles the God of Death Yamraaj quite bravely. He governs the thought of inner light by Upanishadic story from Nachiketa. This show allows people to enchant themselves with ethical beauty and harmony giving you the complete peace. Musical fountain Akshardham imparts a beautiful massage to people.

There are so many wallpapers and photographs of this famous fountain available in market and internet that will allow people to glare this wonderful fountain. It involves so many technical aspects to show the different colors and patterns with music. It works in coordination with music that is with every tune or jingle the colored water stream comes up in some different pattern making it look treaty to eyes. Every beat of music carries a different color making unique combinations along with patterns to display this colorful water show Akshardham. The internal aspects of this fountain include 4,000 nozzles, more than 100 pumps and 2000 lights along with 70-feet high and 130-feet wide water screen. Akshardham musical fountain celebrates the timeless beauty of the architecture devoted to Lord Swaminarayan. This new and exclusive India’s wonder marks the prestige of the nation with thrilling and amazing beauty of this fountain in night, as it looks superb under black sky.

People visit here with family to spend and enjoy the beauty of temple and with the addition of musical fountain Akshardham the number of tourists have increased. This particular water show allows Indian culture to display the wisdom and beauty with authenticity using multimedia e4ffects of technology bind with color stream and music. All this highlights the real environment of meditation and peace making people visualize the solace and heaven together at the planet Earth.