Attractions At Akshardham

Hogi Hraday Kamal

It is like a garden that is sunken and is of lotus shape when somebody views it from above. It features big stones that are engraved with many quotes ranging from the time of Martin Luther King and Shakespeare to Swami Narayan and Vivekananda.

Neelkanth Abhishek

Abhishek is offered by the devotees, which is a water pouring ritual on Neelkanth Varni’s murti and express prayers and reverence for fulfilment of their wishes and spiritual upliftment.

Narayan Sarovar

It is a lake around the main structure surrounding it. The lake has holy waters from 151 lakes and rivers which are believed and known to be Swami Narayan’s sanctification, including Man Sarovar. There are Gaumukhs which 108 in number surrounding it which symbolizes 108 god’s names or Janmangal Namavali from which the holy water comes.

Premvati Ahargruh

The food court of Premvati or Premvati Ahargruh is a restaurant serving vegetarian food and it is modelled on Maharashtra’s caves of Ajanta and Ellora along with an Ayurvedic bazaar. Several traditional dishes are catered by this restaurant.

AARSH Centre

AARSH centre or the Akshardham Centre for Applied Research in Social Harmony is situated inside the complex and it applies to social harmony topics research and topics related to it. Students and scholars may also conduct certain AARSH practical research. There is ability in the researchers to put forward and carry out research projects by affiliating their papers by AARSH. Studies related to education, rural and tribal welfare, medicare, culture and ecology are conducted inside it.