Akshardham Temple Attractions


The beautiful art and Indian architecture can be best witnessed in the Swaminarayan Akshardham which has become an epitome of traditions, spirituality of India for years.

Hall Of Values

Bhagwan Swaminarayan life which was inculcated with values of mankind is exhibited with the help of audio-animatronics through dioramic presentations having effects of sound and light.

Giant Screen Film

There is a gigantic screen film with 85’ x 65’ measuring screen which reveals the yogi epic of a child whose age is merely 11 years.

Boat Ride

One can avail the boat ride also here which takes him back to 10,000 years and the experiences of beautiful past of Indian heritage can be made here. Sailing through Ajant-Ellora and acknowledging about the premier university of world, Takshashila university is all together a unique experience.

Musical Fountain

The beautiful blend of huge step-well formed of stone along with Vedic yagna kund accompanied by musical fountain revealing different colors offers spectacular view.

Garden Of India

The lush green lawns encompassing 60 acres along with picturesque gardens and distinct statues of child gems and brave warriors of bronze attract visitors.