Security at Akshardham Temple

Safety of the visitors is utmost focus of the temple. The authorities here work hard to make this temple family friendly and safe place. However the authorities have set up certain policies for visiting this temple –

It is important for the visitors to pass through pre-set metal detectors

1. The security personnel will frisk all visitors
2. The security personnel will search all visitors
3. The security personnel will not permit entry of certain items (refer the list below)
4. Consumption of alcohol and smoking is prohibited within the temple complex and parking
5. Carrying banned substances and alcohol in vehicles is not allowed – no matter it is campus or parking

The security measures adopted in the temple are established by the law enforcing agencies of the government. All individuals are requested to abide by all rules and regulations at the Akshardham temple. There is rush during holiday and peak season, so the waiting lines might be long. Please be patient and extend cooperation in keeping the environment of the temple peaceful for all visitors.

Items ALLOWED in the complex:

1. Wallet
2. Shoes
3. Belts
4. Passport
5. Money
6. Ladies Purse
7. Jewellery
8. Baby Food
9. Water Bottle
10. Jackets

Items NOT ALLOWED in the complex:

1. Mobile Phones
2. Cameras
3. USB/PEN Drives
4. Music Devices
5. Electronic Items
6. Weapons
7. Umbrella
8. Luggage
9. Toys
10. Pets
11. Food and Drink
12. Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs

For smooth and quick security check, please do not bring the above listed items. In case you get these by chance, please use the cloakroom, free of cost before you make entry in the temple via standing queue.