Swagatam at Akshardham Temple

The visit to the Akshardham temple starts 10 gates before symbolizing 10 different directions and continues with the visitors passing through the first gate of devotion, the second visitor center and finally the peacock gate to reach the Charnarvind. On your way, the conventional Hindu symbols of purity, exquisiteness, devotion and positivity that create impeccable divine ambience. Every visitor delves into one experience of Akshardham which is filled with positive energy.

Welcome Gates

Rig Veda says – Allow your noble thoughts to reach us from all different directions.

The 10 gates here symbolize 10 different directions as described in the Indian culture. These gates speak of the sentiments of people and accepts that everything is auspicious and perfect from different directions. This kind of openness from the heart and mind nurtures the feeling of universal love, peace, and brotherhood all across the world.

Bhakti Dwar

The Bhakti dwar is ornate stone gate which symbolizes the offering of pure and pristine bhakti or devotion in favour of the two forms of God and his worshippers (Bhakta – Bhagwan). The Hindu devotees offer their selfless bhakti to Nar-Narayan, Parvati-Shiv, Radha-Krishna, Sita-Ram, Lakshmi-Narayan, and Akshar-Purushottam etc.

The Gate – Bhakti Dwar has 208 exquisitely carved pairs of God and Devotee showering their blessings on everyone.

Visitor Centre

Post one has crossed the Gate of Devotion or the bhakti Dwar, one enters the Visitor Centre of Akshardham. This centre welcomes everyone and displays bells for welcoming everyone together with positive energy. In that special centre, one can find numerous volunteers willing to help in planning your time at the temple and complex of Akshardham. There are educational posters which help introduce the visitor complex, temple and numerous other components.

Mayur Dwar

Peacock the national bird symbolizes self-control and beauty in our Indian culture. This bird is loved by all Indians. It is highly regarded by virtue of its link with divine incarnations as well as stories present in our Hindu holy scriptures. There are 2 Mayur Dwars that have total 869 deeply carved stone peacocks that welcome the visitors and increase the poise and beauty of the temple.

Charnarvind (Holy Footprints)

A huge marble replica of Bhagwan Swaminarayan’s sacred footprints or also called charanavind amid the 2 Mayur Dwars memorialise his presence on Earth.  The 16 sacred symbols that mark the feet or Bhagwan according to the Hindu scriptures are seen in this sacred footprints too. In humble admiration to Lord Swaminarayan, 4 conch shells spout water at his feet.

Entry and Timings

1. The entry is open and free to all
2. Timings of visiting the gates of temple – 9:30 am to 6:30 pm
3. Duration of visit – 30 minutes